Project Goals:

To intervene financially at the start and during the calendar school year to facilitate access to quality education and to develop an environment that fosters educational opportunities to initiate growth these provinces. Overall, $4,000 is needed to assist the identified Haitian families for this calendar school year.


Political instability that prevents people from going to school

Lack of consistent electricity

Lack of financial stability

Overcoming Barriers:

By partnering with other organizations and community stakeholders, implement innovative ways to assist and engage with Haitian families on a personal level given the challenges. For example, organization volunteers can communicate in English regularly via a social media platform with the families to facilitate learning of the language.


  1. Hold fundraisers to involve the friends, family, and the community to raise awareness of the organization’s efforts and raise funds for the school year tuition;
  2. Support the organization by assisting with website updates, participating/leading fundraisers, offer your ideas and skills to initiate short-term/long-term projects, and recruitment of volunteers;
  3. Engage with Haitian families to encourage them to continue development educational skills, i.e. English, via the English Club, established in collaboration with another Haitian organization in Massachusetts;
  4. Collaborate with other organizations that have similar interests to share resources and skills.